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iLove is a social dating community, where you can find singles based on your interests. We call them passions and mean things you like, that matter to you, that rock your world. iLove ist da, is everywhere, just like our users. Whether you are at home, on the subway or while in line at the grocery store, iLove enables you to flirt just about anywhere. Never miss out on a flirt ever again. Make new friends from around the world or chat with singles nearby Go on a date just today!

Share your passions to find people who love what you love.

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The subject of love is as old as mankind itself and therefore strategies to find that special someone are just as ancient, yet diverse. All is based on one simple principle as to where and how people meet one another: Birds of a feather flock together! Similar likes and interests are the foundation of any successful relationship. Therefore, dating sites nowadays mainly rely on scientific algorithms, endless profile questionnaires and advanced search criteria, while neglecting one key aspect of dating: chemistry that makes people click.

We refrain from compiling stats such as dress size, blood type or favorite cuisine in order to calculate the perfect match. We are active athletes, outgoing party people, passionate movie buffs, divine foodies, enthusiastic photographers, cuddly homebodies. We share the things that make us happy, things we are absolutely passionate about. This has been celebrated across many social networks for a while, and iLove is excited to be one of them now.

Yet this is nothing new, we have simply put one and one together. They say happiness multiplies when you share it. About time to give it a shot.

iLove is Dating - powered by passions.

iLove was founded in June 2003 in Berlin as a subsidiary of Jamba AG and was initially designed for users in Germany , Austria and Switzerland. In December 2004, one and a half years after the launch, we were able to announce market leadership among German-based dating portals, having reached 2.3 million users.

Since then, iLove's success story continues: In addition to expanding business to countries such as Poland and Russia in 2005, the UK in 2006 and eventually going global in 2012; the dating portal focuses mainly on the mobile flirt experience. Back in 2006, iLove already provided a dating app for mobile phones with Java operating system, prevalent at the time. In 2011, iLove launched the iLove App for iPhone, where location-based flirting became available with digital data provided by GPS. Eventually, the mobile portfolio was completed when the iLove App for Android smartphones was launched in 2012.

iLove today
iLove has 6 million user profiles, with 54 to 46 percent male to female ratio almost being equal. The majority of web users are from Germany, followed by Austria and Switzerland. However, 50% of Android and iPhone App installs are users from the United States.

iLove is the premier destination for people between 18 and 35, who want to meet new people and start flirting immediately, that are either looking for a spontaneous date or that special someone. iLove users are internet-savvy, prone to social networks, and own a smartphone enabling them to be online 24/7. They are spontaneous urbanites and have a considerable number of interests.

iLove is available wherever there is an internet connection, whether it be a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone. Apps are available on Android and iPhone devices for Apple iTunes and Google Play Store. iLove is currently available in German and English, additional language options are in the works.

Key Features
Passions: Users can easily connect their iLove profile to other social networks and import their local content, upload pictures, and subsequently assign their interests to specific categories, our so-called “Passions”. This results in individual galleries ("Profile Feeds") with interesting content, giving plenty of conversation starters when establishing first-time contact. The more common “Passions” users share with one another, the more successful the flirting will be.
Live-Chat: No guts, no glory! iLove users can instantly interact with others via chat and get their flirt going. It's absolutely free. The live chat is available across all platforms. Chat conversations launched on a PC can be continued on the respective smartphone and vice versa, enabling you to keep in touch with others.
Location-based search: iLove is able to utilize the GPS feature of Android and iPhone devices in order to display singles from the immediate area, enabling iLove users to interact/meet with others even if they are out and about. Never miss out on a flirt ever again...


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